Initial Consultation


When you first come in, we sit down with you and figure out where you are currently and where you want to get to. You then go through a FMS screen (movement screen) and a flexibility screen.  We then figure out the best program for you to achieve success!

Personal Training


Get private coaching that allows you to get your results, even with your crazy schedule. You don't have to go when there is a class or when your friends can go. The individualized attention allows for greater detail in your programing.

Semi Private


A great way to get in a workout with a friend or spouse at a little cheaper price.  Still all the perks with a benefit of a partner training with you.

Small Group Training


A fun, cost effective way to workout. 4-6 people per class keeps it small enough to get a lot of individual attention. Work at your own pace and skill level to keep it less intimidating. Usually performed in a circuit style, working on a strength skills and cardio to help you get stronger and leaner.

Open Gym


Periodically we host an open gym on Saturdays usually around 12 or 1. Right now it will be FREE.  

Fun workouts that are designed to allow you to try some new things and push yourself a little bit.  Quality coaching and camaraderie from fellow lifters and trainers.

Check back to find out the next day and time.

How much is training going to run me?


Pricing is based on 3, 6 or 12 month plans, ranging from $20-$69 per session

Lets get Stronger, Leaner and Have some Fun!