Who we are

Glenn Pisching

* Certified Strength Coach

* Licensed Massage Therapist

* Functional Movement Screen Specialist

* Certified Personal Trainer

* RPR master

* Certified Nutrition Coach

 Helping clients achieve their goals for 25 years.

Glenn takes pride in helping each client feel welcome, supported and challenged with the most current training methodology and recovery protocols.


What is Bodywize Athletic Development

We are a Private Strength & Fitness Coaching Center that takes your goals and interests as our main priority. Our dedication to your achievement is what makes us successful.  

Unlike a commercial gym, whose focus is on getting massive amounts of members, membership at BAD is very limited and not open to everybody. You must qualify as the sort of person we are willing to work with and who is willing to work.  We will not ruin our other members experiences or the integrity of the gym.

If you think you are a good fit and want to achieve your best you, please contact us!